best hosting affiliate program Affiliate Program Affiliate programs allows bloggers/webmasters/publishers to get commission for referring clients to

We provide affiliate commission for all successful orders as under:

1) $5 USD per dedicated server order
2) FLAT 20% commission for VPS hosting, Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, unlimited web hosting, shared web hosting

To be eligible for affiliate commission the client needs to visit via your affiliate link.

We pay affiliate commission once a month and 30 days after the successful order.

If the order that we received is cancelled or refunded due to any reason then even affiliate commission for that order will be cancelled.

We provide affiliate commission via PayPal and even Bank Wire Transfer if payout is over $1000 else for smaller amounts only via PayPal.

Ok so ready to be our affiliate? you can become our affiliate as under:

If you are already our client then just login at and click on Affiliate in the TOP menu and click on activate affiliate

If you are not our client then just register at and then click on Affiliate in the TOP Menu and click on activate affiliate.

Affiliates can keep track of clients referred to from

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