Free Blesta License

Free BLESTA License only at hostEONS (yes it’s FREE no tricks)

Regular price of BLESTA is about $13 per month but we are giving it to all our hosting customers for free as long as Blesta is installed on our network/servers (This is internal license hence you are not allowed to install it outside our network)


  1. What is Blesta? – Blesta is a fully featured billing software that helps you automate your billing, sales, support tickets ,order forms etc..
  2. Blesta Vs. WHMCS – Blesta has almost all the features that WHMCS offers but you can get it free if you have services with us.
  3. Is it really FREE – Yes Blest is 100% Free with all our hosting services, for existing as well as new customers, just submit a support ticket we will activate BLESTA License for free for your account.
  4. Can I order Blesta without ordering hostEONS Services ? – NO, since it’s internal license you need to have some hosting services with us and this license has to be installed only on services that you brought from us.
  5. How many License can I order? – You can order 1 Blest License per service, if you need more license and if there is a valid reason we can allow more on case by case basis.
  6. What if ? – Got more queries just submit a support ticket from we will get back to you.

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